Alongside the growing prevalence of diabetes is an increasing complexity of the clinical and therapeutic issues associated with the condition, many of which represent significant challenges to health care professionals involved with diabetes care. Furthermore, with the rapidly and ever-changing knowledge and evidence base associated with managing people with diabetes, translating such considerations into a practical context for day-to-day clinical practice can provide a real challenge. The objective of this novel practical approaches section within Diabetes Therapy is to concisely review the most recent evidence base related to a wide range of clinical issues in diabetes care and place this into a practical context. With this in mind, we introduce the first contribution to this section reviewing the evidence in a practical context to the challenging and potentially under-recognized complication of diabetic enteropathy [1]. Moreover, we would greatly value contributions to this unique and valuable section within the journal, inviting colleagues to share experience, knowledge and expertise to provide practical clinical and therapeutic insights.

All proposals for potential contributions are welcome and should be directed to Hayley Wood, Managing Editor of Diabetes Therapy (