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E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites in Dental Applications


Fiber reinforced composites (FRCs) are more and more widely applied in dentistry to substitute for metallic restorations: periodontal splints, fixed partial dentures, endodontic posts, orthodontic appliances, and some other indirect restorations. In general in FRCs, the fiber reinforcement provides the composite structure with better biomechanical performance due to their superior properties in tension and flexure. Nowadays, the E-glass fiber is most frequently used because of its chemical resistance and relatively low cost. Growing interest is being paid to enhance its clinical performance. Moreover, various techniques are utilized to reinforce the adhesion between the fiber and the matrix. Oral conditions set special requirements and challenges for the clinical applications of FRCs. The biomechanical properties of dental materials are of high importance in dentistry, and given this, there is on-going scientific interest to develop E-glass fiber reinforced composite systems. FRCs are generally biocompatible and their toxicity is not a concern.


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