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Binary-Sequence Frequency Hopping Communication Method Based on Pseudo-Random Linear Frequency Modulation


To improve the signal detection performance of binary-sequence frequency hopping communication when the complementary channel is jammed, a binary-sequence frequency hopping communication system based on pseudo-random liner frequency modulation (LFM) is proposed. The transmitting end uses the chirp signal to carry out the in-band spread spectrum of the binary-sequence frequency hopping signal, and then sends it out through the radio frequency front end. At the receiving end, the received signal is dehopped and processed by fractional Fourier transform. The source information is obtained by sampling decision. Firstly, a binary-sequence frequency hopping system model based on pseudo-random LFM is constructed. Secondly, the bit error rate expression of anti-partial band jamming and follower jamming under the Rice channel is derived. The results show that this method has at least 5 dB performance gain than binary sequence frequency hopping for different parameter settings under partial band jamming and follower jamming, and the anti-jamming performance is significantly better than the conventional frequency hopping communication.

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Correspondence to Zhiqiang Tang.

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Foundation item: the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61531009 and 61471108), the National Major Project Foundation of China (No. 2016ZX03001009), and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (No. F2017506006)

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Key words

  • binary-sequence frequency hopping
  • liner frequency modulation (LFM)
  • fractional fourier transform
  • partial band jamming
  • follower jamming

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