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Determination of 68Ga production parameters by different reactions using ALICE and TALYS codes


Gallium-68 (T 1/2 = 68 min, I β+ = 89%) is an important positron-emitting radionuclide for positron emission tomography and used in nuclear medicine for diagnosing tumours. This study gives a suitable reaction to produce 68Ga. Gallium-68 excitation function via 68Zn(p, n)68Ga, 68Zn(d, 2n)68Ga, 70Zn(p, 3n)68Ga and 65Cu(α, n)68Ga reactions were calculated by ALICE-91 and TALYS-1.0 codes. The calculated excitation function of 68Zn(p, n)68Ga reaction was compared with the reported measurement and evaluations. Requisite thickness of the targets was obtained by SRIM code for each reaction. The 68Ga production yield was evaluated using excitation function and stopping power.

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