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, Volume 34, Issue 12, pp 3156–3162 | Cite as

Anti-melanogenic effect of Prunus davidiana extract in melan-a melanocyte through regulation of OCA-2, TRP-1 and tyrosinase

  • Birendra Kumar Singh
  • Vivek Kumar MoryaEmail author
  • Hyang-Bok Lee
  • Jun-Shub Kim
  • Eun-Ki KimEmail author


Prunus spp. and locally available plants (used as folkloric medicine) were screened to find a novel and natural anti-melanogenic agent. Based on p-protein promoter reporter assay (PPRA) the candidate plants were screened in the quest for p-protein inhibitor. Expression profiling of key proteins revealed the molecular mechanism of the melanin inhibition as well as TEM analysis revealed melanosome structure. The screened plant extract through PPRA showed significant down regulation of p-protein, which led to melanin inhibition. Another key melanosomal protein like tyrosinase and TRP-1 was also found to be down-regulated. However, TRP-2 was not affected. TEM analysis of treated cells also revealed that the stage IV melanosomes were lowered in number compared to control. The present study shows the plants used in this study possess good anti-melanogenic properties. However, the P. davidiana has the highest anti-melanogenic property among screened plant extracts.


Pink-eyed Dilution (p) Protein Melanosome TEM P. davidiana Anti-melanogenic Agent 


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Anti-melanogenic effect of Prunus davidiana extract in melan-a melanocyte through regulation of OCA-2, TRP-1 and tyrosinase


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  1. 1.Department of Biological EngineeringInha UniversityNam-gu, IncheonKorea

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