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Condition Monitoring Approach for Wear Recognition in Gear Pump


This investigation aims to perform the experimentation on the external gear pump for wear particle analysis of gear pump parts. In the first part of the study, the different experimental parameters are set and gear pump was run on the test rig for fixed duration of time. When any machine component is having wear debris metal particles suspended in the circulating oil, then wear starts in the component also. These wear particles are the indicators of the component being wear. Gears, casing, and bush material can be considered for wear analysis since these are the main gear pump components that are most susceptible to wear. The source of the aluminium in the gear pump is casing while the main source of copper is the bushes, while in the second part of the study ferrous particles from gears or any other components in the system were entrapped by ferrography technique. Wear particle concentration with severity index was found out at the end.

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