Journal of Electronic Materials

, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp 2341–2346 | Cite as

Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene/Graphene Oxide-Based Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposite Membranes

  • Nguyen Huu Hieu
  • Nguyen Huynh Bach Son Long
  • Dang Thi Minh Kieu
  • Ly Tan Nhiem


Graphene (GE)- or graphene oxide (GO)-based poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) nanocomposite membranes have been prepared by the solution blending method. Raman spectra and atomic force microscopy images confirmed that GE and GO were synthesized with average thickness of 0.901 nm and 0.997 nm, respectively. X-ray diffraction patterns indicated good exfoliation of GE or GO in the PVA matrix. Fourier-transform infrared spectra revealed the chemical fractions of the nanocomposite membranes. Differential scanning calorimetry results proved that the thermal stability of the nanocomposite membranes was enhanced compared with neat PVA membrane. Transmission electron microscopy images revealed good dispersion of GE or GO sheets in the PVA matrix with thickness in the range of 19 nm to 39 nm. As a result, good compatibility between GE or GO and PVA was obtained at 0.5 wt.% filler content.


Graphene graphene oxide poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite membrane 


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The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology through Contract No. 336/2013/HĐ-SKHCN.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Nguyen Huu Hieu
    • 1
  • Nguyen Huynh Bach Son Long
    • 2
  • Dang Thi Minh Kieu
    • 1
  • Ly Tan Nhiem
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Chemical EngineeringHo Chi Minh City University of TechnologyHo Chi Minh CityVietnam
  2. 2.Faculty of Chemical and Environmental EngineeringLac Hong UniversityBien Hoa CityVietnam

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