Transport in Porous Media

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Onset of Double-Diffusive Reaction–Convection in an Anisotropic Rotating Porous Layer

  • S. N. GaikwadEmail author
  • Irfana Begum


The linear and non-linear stability of a rotating double-diffusive reaction–convection in a horizontal anisotropic porous layer subjected to chemical equilibrium on the boundaries is investigated considering a Darcy model that includes the Coriolis term. The effect of Taylor number, mechanical, and thermal anisotropy parameters, reaction rate, solute Rayleigh number, Lewis number, and normalized porosity on the stability of the system is investigated. We find that the Taylor number has a stabilizing effect, chemical reaction may be stabilizing or destabilizing and that the anisotropic parameters have significant influence on the stability criterion. The effect of various parameters on the stationary, oscillatory, and finite-amplitude convection is shown graphically. A weak nonlinear theory based on the truncated representation of Fourier series method is used to find the finite amplitude Rayleigh number and heat and mass transfer.


Double-diffusive convection Rotation Chemical reaction Porous layer Anisotropy Heat mass transfer 

List of Symbols





Height of the porous layer [m]


Gravitational acceleration, (0, 0,-g) [m s\(^{-2}\)]


Inverse anisotropic permeability tensor, \(K_x^{-1} \mathbf{ii}+K_y^{-1} \mathbf{jj}+K_z^{-1} \mathbf{kk}\)


Lumped effective reaction rate


Lewis number, \({\kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} }/{\kappa _\mathrm{S} }\)

\(l, m\)

Horizontal wavenumbers


Nusselt number


Pressure [kg m\(^{-1}\) s\(^{-2}\)]


Velocity vector (u,v,w) [m s\(^{-1}\)]

\(Ra_T \)

Darcy–Rayleigh number, \({\rho _{0} \beta _\mathrm{T} g\Delta TdK_z }/{ \mu \varepsilon \kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} }\)

\(Ra_\mathrm{S} \)

Solute Rayleigh number, \({\rho _{0} \beta _\mathrm{S}g\Delta SdK_z }/{\varepsilon \mu \kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} }\)


Solute concentration

\(S_\mathrm{eq} (T)\)

Equilibrium concentration of the solute at a given temperature


Sherwood number

\(\Delta S\)

Salinity difference between the walls


Time [s]


Temperature [K]


Darcy Taylor number \(({{2\Omega K_z }/\mu })^{2}\)

\(\Delta T\)

Temperature difference between the walls [K]


\(z\) component of vorticity vector \(\mathbf{V}=\nabla \times \mathbf{q} \; [{\text{ m} \text{ s}}^{-1}]\)

\(x, y, z\)

Space coordinates [d]

Greek Symbols

\(\beta _\mathrm{T}\)

Thermal expansion coefficient

\(\beta _\mathrm{S}\)

Solute expansion coefficient

\(\varepsilon \)


\(\varvec{\Omega }\)

Angular velocity [radians s\(^{-1}\)] (\({0,0,\Omega }\))

\(\eta \)

Thermal anisotropy parameter, \({\kappa _{\mathrm{T}x} }/{\kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} }\)

\(\varvec{\kappa }_\mathrm{T}\)

Anisotropic thermal diffusion tensor, \(\kappa _{\mathrm{T}x} \mathbf{ii}+\kappa _{\mathrm{T}y} \mathbf{jj}+\kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} \mathbf{kk}\)

\(\kappa _\mathrm{S} \)

Solute diffusivity

\(\lambda \)

Normalized porosity parameter,\(\varepsilon \frac{({\rho c})_\mathrm{f} }{({\rho c})_\mathrm{m }}\)

\(\chi \)

Damkohler number, \({kd^{2}}/{\varepsilon \kappa _{\mathrm{T}z} }\)

\(\mu \)

Dynamic viscosity [N s m\(^{-2}\)]

\(\nu \)

Kinematic viscosity [m\(^{2}\) s\(^{-1}\)]

\(\rho \)

Density [kg m\(^{-3}\)]

\(\rho c\)

Volumetric heat capacity

\(\sigma \)

Growth rate

\(\xi \)

Mechanical anisotropy parameter, \({K_x }/{K_z }\)

\(\psi \)

Stream function

Other Symbols

\(\nabla _1^2 \)

\(\frac{\partial ^{2}}{\partial x^{2}}+\frac{\partial ^{2}}{\partial y^{2}}\)

\(\nabla ^{2} \)

\(\nabla _1^2 +\frac{\partial ^{2}}{\partial z^{2}}\)



Basic state






Porous medium


Reference value




Imaginary part



Dimensionless quantity

Perturbed quantity


Finite amplitude


Oscillatory state


Stationary state



This study was supported by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, under Maulana Azad National Scholarship to Minority Students and partially under Major Research Project F. No. 37-174/2009 (SR) dated 12-01-2010. One of the authors (Irfana Begum) thanks UGC for awarding the Scholarship. The authors thank the reviewers for their useful suggestions.


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