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Geologic Constraints on Early Mars Climate

  • Edwin S. KiteEmail author


Early Mars climate research has well-defined goals (MEPAG 2018). Achieving these goals requires geologists and climate modelers to coordinate. Coordination is easier if results are expressed in terms of well-defined parameters. Key parameters include the following quantitative geologic constraints. (1) Cumulative post-3.4 Ga precipitation-sourced water runoff in some places exceeded \(1~\mbox{km}\) column. (2) There is no single Early Mars climate problem: the traces of ≥2 river-forming periods are seen. Relative to rivers that formed earlier in Mars history, rivers that formed later in Mars history are found preferentially at lower elevations, and show a stronger dependence on latitude. (3) The duration of the longest individual river-forming climate was \({>}(10^{2}\mbox{--}10^{3})~\mbox{yr}\), based on paleolake hydrology. (4) Peak runoff production was \({>}0.1~\mbox{mm}/\mbox{hr}\). However, (5) peak runoff production was intermittent, sustained (in a given catchment) for only <10% of the duration of river-forming climates. (6) The cumulative number of wet years during the valley-network-forming period was \({>}10^{5}~\mbox{yr}\). (7) Post-Noachian light-toned, layered sedimentary rocks took \({>}10^{7}~\mbox{yr}\) to accumulate. However, (8) an “average” place on Mars saw water for \({<}10^{7}~\mbox{yr}\) after the Noachian, suggesting that the river-forming climates were interspersed with long globally-dry intervals. (9) Geologic proxies for Early Mars atmospheric pressure indicate pressure was not less than 0.012 bar but not much more than 1 bar. A truth table of these geologic constraints versus currently published climate models shows that the late persistence of river-forming climates, combined with the long duration of individual lake-forming climates, is a challenge for most models.


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The results listed above sum up the work of thousands of engineers and scientists. Many great papers are omitted from this review for concision. I am grateful to Chris McKay and Caleb Fassett for formal reviews, and to Tim Goudge, Paul Niles, and Brian Hynek for informal read-throughs. I thank David P. Mayer for generating the CTX DTM used in Fig. 2, and Jack Mustard for sharing a preprint. This paper was stimulated by the Fourth International Conference on Early Mars, and I thank the organizers and participants for that meeting. This work was funded in part by the U.S. taxpayer, via NASA grant NNX16AJ38G.


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