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Peculiarities of the Application of Mathematical Models Describing Mass-Transfer Processes in Film Coating Technology for a Biconvex Tablet

A review concerning peculiarities of the application of mathematical models describing mass-transfer processes in film coating technology is presented. A formula to calculate the coating film thickness for a biconvex tablet is given. A model based on the Fokker–Planck equation is described. It determines the law of distribution of coated tablets by weight and allows equations for calculating the average weight and dispersion of a coated tablet to be obtained. Therefore, the uniformity of the distribution of the coating material over the tablets can be evaluated. The mass-transfer equations shown in the review make it possible to calculate characteristics such as the product moisture content and the humidity in a coater drum.

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Correspondence to D. I. Gavrilov.

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Translated from Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 56, No. 4, pp. 28 – 33, April, 2022.

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Tishkov, S.V., Gavrilov, D.I., Blynskaya, E.V. et al. Peculiarities of the Application of Mathematical Models Describing Mass-Transfer Processes in Film Coating Technology for a Biconvex Tablet. Pharm Chem J 56, 503–508 (2022).

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  • mathematical modeling
  • film coatings
  • mass-transfer processes
  • coating uniformity
  • solid dosage forms