Second Order Training of a Smoothed Piecewise Linear Network


DOI: 10.1007/s11063-017-9618-2

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Rawat, R. & Manry, M.T. Neural Process Lett (2017). doi:10.1007/s11063-017-9618-2


In this paper, we introduce a smoothed piecewise linear network (SPLN) and develop second order training algorithms for it. An embedded feature selection algorithm is developed which minimizes training error with respect to distance measure weights. Then a method is presented which adjusts center vector locations in the SPLN. We also present a gradient method for optimizing the SPLN output weights. Results with several data sets show that the distance measure optimization, center vector optimization, and output weight optimization, individually and together, reduce testing errors in the final network.


Smoothed PLN Embedded feature selection Optimizing center vectors 

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