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Image encryption based on modified Henon map using hybrid chaotic shift transform

  • S. J. Sheela
  • K. V. Suresh
  • Deepaknath Tandur


In this paper, a new two dimensional modified Henon map (2D-MHM) which is derived from Henon map is proposed. Its chaotic performance is analyzed through bifurcation diagram, Lyapunov exponent spectrum and Lyapunov dimension. The map has broad chaotic regime over an extensive range of system parameters, maximum Lyapunov exponent and better chaotic performance when compared to existing chaotic maps. Further, a novel image cryptosystem is proposed based on 2D-MHM and sine map. The algorithm employs confusion and diffusion operations in consecutive manner which is different from traditional chaos based cryptosystems. Hybrid chaotic shift transform (HCST) is introduced to perform confusion operation which is controlled by 2D-MHM. The principle of diffusion is achieved by using chaotic matrix generated from sine map and exclusive or (XOR) operation. Extensive simulation results and performance analysis demonstrate that the proposed image cryptosystem is able to resist various cryptanalytic attacks. Furthermore, the comparison results reveal that the algorithm outperforms traditional and existing encryption schemes. The proposed algorithm is also applicable for speech signals and data encryption of other multimedia.


Chaos Confusion Diffusion 2D-modified Henon map Hybrid chaotic shift transform 

List of abbreviations


Two dimensional modified Henon map


Hybrid chaotic shift transform


Exclusive or


Linear feedback shift register


Advanced encryption standard


Data encryption standard


Triple DES


One dimensional


Higher dimension


Henon map


Sine map


Lyapunov exponent


Lyapunov dimension


Number of pixels change rate;


Unified average changing intensity


Unified image quality index


Structural similarity index measure


Peak signal to noise ratio


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  1. 1.Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyTumakuruIndia
  2. 2.Corporate Research India, ABBBengaluruIndia

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