Journal of Low Temperature Physics

, Volume 172, Issue 1–2, pp 162–174

A Continuously Operating, Flux Locked, Superfluid Interferometer


DOI: 10.1007/s10909-013-0857-y

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Joshi, A. & Packard, R. J Low Temp Phys (2013) 172: 162. doi:10.1007/s10909-013-0857-y


We report the characteristics of a flux locked, superfluid 4He interferometer that can continuously measure time-varying rotation rates. We describe the principles underlying the interferometer, including the dynamics of a superfluid chemical potential battery used to obtain continuous operation. We also discuss noise and drift issues and their possible amelioration.


Superfluid Interferometer Gyroscope Josephson effect 

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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeleyUSA

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