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Magneto-crystalline properties of BaFe12−2x M x Sn x O19 (M = Sn, Ni, Zn) ferrite powders


BaFe12−2x M x Sn x O19 compounds, where M = Sn2+, Ni2+ or Zn2+ ions, were synthesized by mechanical milling and partially by citrate precursor methods. Analysis of magneto-crystalline structure has been carried out by Mössbauer spectroscopy. The Sn4+ ions replace Fe3+ ions on 2b and slightly on 2a + 4f1 sites, Zn2+ ions strongly prefer 4f1 sites, Sn2+ ions prefer 4f1 sites too and Ni2+ ions occupy 4f2 and 12k or 2a sites. The magnetic properties were evaluated by the vibrating sample magnetometry and the thermomagnetic analysis. A large variation of the intrinsic coercivity H c (330 to 78 kA/m) and of temperature coefficient of coercivity of ΔH cϑ (0.39 to 0.22 kA/m°C) were achieved as a function of the (Zn–Sn) and (Sn–Sn) substitutions, respectively. The Curie temperature T c decreased with the (Ni–Sn) substitution from 447 to 399°C.

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Grusková, A., Lipka, J., Sláma, J. et al. Magneto-crystalline properties of BaFe12−2x M x Sn x O19 (M = Sn, Ni, Zn) ferrite powders. Hyperfine Interact 169, 1223–1230 (2006).

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Key words

  • magnetic properties
  • substitutional effects
  • Mössbauer spectra
  • hexagonal ferrites