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Firm Authority and Workplace Democracy: a Reply to Jacob and Neuhäuser

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  1. All page references are to this article, where they mainly target Landemore and Ferreras (2016), regarding the first view, and Breen (2015) and González-Ricoy (2014a), regarding the second. They also consider a third view, according to which meaningful work may require workplace democratization, which I here put aside due to space constraints.

  2. Exceptions include Walzer (1983), González-Ricoy (2014b), Kolodny (2014), and Cordelli (2017).

  3. On these and related issues regarding religious freedom and free speech in the workplace see, respectively, Vickers (2008) and Barry (2007).


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I would like to thank Keith Breen, Jahel Queralt, and two anonymous reviewers of this journal for comments on a previous version of the article. Research for this article was completed under project PGC2018-095917-A-I00 on 'Justice at Work: A Normative Analysis of Nonstandard Forms of Work' funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities.

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