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, Volume 129, Issue 5, pp 781–792 | Cite as

Metabolism of l-arabinose in plants

  • Toshihisa Kotake
  • Yukiko Yamanashi
  • Chiemi Imaizumi
  • Yoichi Tsumuraya
Current Topics in Plant Research


l-Arabinose (l-Ara) is a plant-specific sugar accounting for 5–10 % of cell wall saccharides in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) and rice (Oryza sativa). l-Ara occurs in pectic arabinan, rhamnogalacturonan II, arabinoxylan, arabinogalactan-protein (AGP), and extensin in the cell walls, as well as in glycosylated signaling peptides like CLAVATA3 and small glycoconjugates such as quercetin 3-O-arabinoside. This review focuses on recent advances towards understanding the generation of l-Ara and the metabolism of l-Ara-containing molecules in plants.


l-Arabinose Cell wall polysaccharide Cytosol Golgi apparatus Nucleotide sugar 

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