Understanding requirement prioritization artifacts: a systematic mapping study

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DOI: 10.1007/s00766-016-0253-7

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Thakurta, R. Requirements Eng (2016). doi:10.1007/s00766-016-0253-7


The importance of prioritizing requirements stems from the fact that not all requirements can usually be met with available time and resource constraints. Efficient and trustworthy methods for prioritizing requirements are therefore in high demand. In this article, we present results of a systematic mapping study in order to appreciate the different considerations that have influenced prioritization of software requirements, identify the various types of artifacts proposed toward prioritizing software requirements, and examine certain characterizations of these artifacts. The results emphasize the heightened attention the domain of requirement prioritization has received in recent years. On the basis of this study, we are able to provide the following inferences regarding possible future research trajectories in software requirement prioritization artifacts: (1) focus on frameworks and tools; (2) emphasis on specialization; and (3) proposition of theory-based artifacts. Additional research possibilities are also pointed out at the end and are expected to stimulate further research on the topic.


Requirement prioritization Content analysis Systematic mapping study Software engineering 

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  1. 1.Information Systems DepartmentXavier Institute of Management (XIMB)BhubaneswarIndia

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