What Flow Injection has to Offer in the Environmental Analytical Field


Flow injection analysis (FIA) is presented as a powerful tool to meet the analytical requirements of environmental and agricultural assays in terms of automation, monitoring, microsampling, speciation and sample processing. Its potentials and limitations are critically discussed and demonstrated in the body of the text with relevant examples devoted to water, air, soil and plant analysis. The features of this continuous flowing stream technique are classified according to the particular role that FIA plays as a universal handling system interfacing wet chemical reactions with analytical instrumentation. Special attention is paid to its assets as a liquid delivery system, chemical derivatization method as well as on-line sample pre-treatment tool.

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Miró, M., Frenzel, W. What Flow Injection has to Offer in the Environmental Analytical Field. Microchim. Acta 148, 1–20 (2004). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00604-004-0246-y

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  • Key words: Flow injection; environment; agriculture; solution handling system; on-line sample pre-treatment; monitoring.