A rare radiological appearance of lumbar tuberculous vertebral osteomyelitis

  • Christiana Savvidou
  • Charikleia Triantopoulou
  • Sofia N. Chatziioannou
  • John Papailiou
  • Dimitrios S. Korres
  • Spiros G. PneumaticosEmail author
Case Report


Spinal tuberculosis (TB), or Pott disease, has classically been recognized as a source of spinal deformities in unindustrialized countries. However, in industrialized countries with more access to sensitive imaging studies, Pott disease may be identified earlier as vertebral osteomyelitis with local complications, such as psoas abscess. In industrialized countries, persons at risk for Pott disease include the immunosuppressed, African Americans and those with a history of prior exposure to TB (Maron et al. Spine 31(16):E561–E564, 2006). This report describes an unusual case with a very interesting radiological appearance of spinal TB. A 30-year-old man presented with dull, progressive back pain. Radiological control showed complete destruction of the L4 vertebral body and partial destruction of the L3, as well as extensive bilateral paraspinal soft tissue infection. The patient underwent open biopsy, complete abscess drainage, lumbar spine stabilization and antituberculous chemotherapy.


Spinal tuberculosis Lumbar spine Psoas abscess CT drainage 


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  • Charikleia Triantopoulou
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  • Sofia N. Chatziioannou
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  • John Papailiou
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  • Dimitrios S. Korres
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