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Iliac crest reconstruction with a bioactive ceramic spacer


This study aimed to investigate the long-term clinical results of the apatite wollastonite-containing glass ceramic (AWGC) iliac spacer and to discuss its efficacy in reconstruction of the bone graft donor site at the iliac crest. Thirty-one patients were studied for more than 10 years. All patients underwent anterior spinal fusion using autogenous tricortical iliac bone graft. After harvest of tricortical iliac bone graft, an AWGC iliac spacer ranging from 15 mm to 70 mm in length was press-fitted into the gap. Long-term clinical results were obtained from radiological and blood examinations. Thirty patients (97%) were satisfied with the spacer. There was new bone formation around the spacer on the radiograph. There was no abnormal silicon concentration in blood examinations. AWGC iliac spacer appears to be useful in the reconstruction of harvested iliac crest. New bone formation occurs, reducing the defect size.

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