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, Volume 102, Issue 5, pp 1447–1466 | Cite as

The geometry of the active strike-slip El Tigre Fault, Precordillera of San Juan, Central–Western Argentina: integrating resistivity surveys with structural and geomorphological data

  • Sabrina Y. FazzitoEmail author
  • José M. Cortés
  • Augusto E. Rapalini
  • Carla M. Terrizzano
Original Paper


The geometry and related geomorphological features of the right-lateral strike-slip El Tigre Fault, one of the main morphostructural discontinuities in the Central–Western Precordillera of Argentina, were investigated. Achievements of this survey include: recognition of structural and geometrical discontinuities along the fault trace, identification and classification of landforms associated with local transpressional and transtensional sectors, observation of significant changes in the fault strike and detection of right and left bends of different wavelength. In the Central Segment of the El Tigre Fault, 2D electrical resistivity tomography surveys were carried out across the fault zone. The resistivity imaging permitted to infer the orientation of the main fault surface, the presence of blind fault branches along the fault zone, tectonic tilting of the Quaternary sedimentary cover, subsurface structure of pressure ridges and depth to the water table. Based on this information, it is possible to characterize the El Tigre Fault also as an important hydro-geological barrier. Our survey shows that the main fault surface changes along different segments from a high-angle to a subvertical setting whilst the vertical-slip component is either reverse or normal, depending on the local transpressive or transtensive regime induced by major bends along the trace. These local variations are expressed as sections of a few kilometres in length with relatively homogeneous behaviour and frequently separated by oblique or transversal structures.


El Tigre Fault Argentine Precordillera Neotectonics Fault structure Geomorphology 2D electrical resistivity tomography 



The authors are very grateful for the financial provided by Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBACyT 20020100100778 and UBACyT 100597 grants) and CONICET (PIP-CONICET 11220080102295 grant). We also would like to thank Horacio Lippai for technical support. ASTER satellite imagery was kindly provided by SEGEMAR. Daniel Pérez generously contributed in their preparation. Careful corrections and suggestions from Riccardo Caputo and Jonas Kley, which helped to improve the manuscript, are deeply appreciated and thanked.

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