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Correction of Sunken Upper Eyelid in Asian Blepharoplasty Based on Anatomical and Histological Study of Orbital Fat Fascia Flap



To explore the clinical application of orbital fat fascia flap in the correction of sunken upper eyelid in Asian blepharoplasty based on anatomical and histological research.


Observe the histological structure of the orbital fat and its fascia vascularity through cadaver anatomy and histological sections of 10 cadavers. Based on the anatomical and histological characteristics of orbital fat, 36 patients with mild to moderate sunken upper eyelids were corrected by transposition of orbital fat fascia flap with preservation of fascia vascular pedicle. During the operation, the lateral part of the central cellulite of orbital fat was separated longitudinally and transferred to the sunken place to correct the sunken upper eyelid.


Anatomy and histology show that the orbital fat was located between the anterior layer of the levator aponeurosis and the posterior layer of the orbital septum and was separated into fat lobules by many fibrous septa. The blood vessels move forward from back to front along the orbital fat interlobular septum, and the blood vessels in the capsule below the orbital fat are abundant. Clinical results showed that the shape of the sunken upper eyelid was significantly improved in 35 cases after correction with this method during the postoperative follow-up from 9 months to 18 months. The mean sunken depth improved from 6.2mm (±1.0 mm) preoperatively to 2.2mm (±0.9 mm) at the last follow-up with a statistical significance. And only 1 case had partial depression in the unilateral eyelid and received autologous granular fat transplantation with satisfactory postoperative results.


The transposition of orbital fat fascia flap with longitudinal separation and preservation of fascia vascular pedicle can better correct the sunken upper eyelid during blepharoplasty, and the long-term effect is stable, which is worthy of clinical promotion.

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