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Moduli Space of Supersymmetric Solitons and Black Holes in Five Dimensions

  • Veronika Breunhölder
  • James LuciettiEmail author
Open Access


We determine all asymptotically flat, supersymmetric and biaxisymmetric soliton and black hole solutions to five-dimensional minimal supergravity. In particular, we show that the solution must be a multi-centred solution with a Gibbons–Hawking base. The proof involves combining local constraints from supersymmetry with global constraints for stationary and biaxisymmetric spacetimes. This reveals that the horizon topology must be one of S3, \({{S}^{1}\times {S}^{2}}\) or a lens space L(p, 1), thereby providing a refinement of the allowed horizon topologies.We construct the general smooth solution for each possible rod structure. We find a large moduli space of black hole spacetimes with noncontractible 2-cycles for each of the allowed horizon topologies. In the absence of a black hole, we obtain a classification of the known ‘bubbling’ soliton spacetimes.



VB is supported by an EPSRC studentship. JL is supported by STFC [ST/L000458/1].


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