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The CHY representation of tree-level primitive QCD amplitudes

  • Leonardo de la Cruz
  • Alexander Kniss
  • Stefan WeinzierlEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In this paper we construct a CHY representation for all tree-level primitive QCD amplitudes. The quarks may be massless or massive. We define a generalised cyclic factor Ĉ(w, z) and a generalised permutation invariant function Ê(z, p, ε). The amplitude is then given as a contour integral encircling the solutions of the scattering equations with the product ĈÊ as integrand. Equivalently, it is given as a sum over the inequivalent solutions of the scattering equations, where the summand consists of a Jacobian times the product Ĉ Ê. This representation separates information: The generalised cyclic factor does not depend on the helicities of the external particles, the generalised permutation invariant function does not depend on the ordering of the external particles.


Scattering Amplitudes QCD 


Open Access

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  • Leonardo de la Cruz
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  • Alexander Kniss
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  • Stefan Weinzierl
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