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cDNA cloning and characterization of a mannose-binding lectin fromZingiber officinaleRoscoe (ginger) rhizomes


Using RNA extracted fromZingiber officinale rhizomes and primers designed according to the conservative regions of monocot mannose-binding lectins, the full-length cDNA ofZ. officinale agglutinin (ZOA) was cloned by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). The full-length cDNA ofzoa was 746 bp and contained a 510 bp open reading frame (ORF) encoding a lectin precursor of 169 amino acids with a signal peptide. ZOA was a mannose-binding lectin with three typical mannose-binding sites (QDNY). Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis revealed thatzoa expressed in all the tested tissues ofZ. officinale including leaf, root and rhizome, suggesting it to be a constitutively expressing form. ZOA protein was successfully expressed inEscherichia coli with the molecular weight expected. To our knowledge, this is the first mannose-binding lectin cDNA cloned from the family Zingiberaceae. Our results demonstrate that monocot mannose-binding lectins also occur within the family Zingiberaceae

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Allium ascalonicum agglutinin


Ananas comosus (pineapple) agglutinin


Amorphophallus konjac agglutinin


Allium porrum agglutinin


Allium sativum agglutinin


Allium ursinum agglutinin


Crinum asiaticum agglutinin


Cymbidium hybrid agglutinin


Epipactis helleborine agglutinin


Gastrodia elata antifungal protein


Galanthus nivalis agglutinin


Listera ovata agglutinin


Narcissus hybrid agglutinin


open reading frame


polymerase chain reaction


rapid amplification of cDNA ends


reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain rection


Typhonium divaricatum agglutinin


Taxus media agglutinin


untranslated region


Zephyrathes grandiflora agglutinin


Zingiber officinale agglutinin


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