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, Volume 86, Issue 2, pp 118–125 | Cite as

Structural features of martensite α-phases in alloys of uranium with transition metals

  • V. K. Orlov
  • V. M. Teplinskaya


The structures and formation kinetics are considered for martensite α phases in diffusionless transformation of the γ and β phases of alloys between uranium and transition metals. The general features of the {ie118-1} martensite phase and of the martensite in a steel have been determined by metallography, x-ray structure analysis, and dilatometry, and the same has been done for the martensite {ie118-2} and {ie118-3} phases and martensite in indium-thallium and gold-cadmium alloys. Kinetic features are given for the two-stage diffusionless {ie118-4} transformation in uranium-molybdenum and uranium-niobium alloys, in which the second stage {ie118-5} has the characteristics of a thermoelastic martensite transformation that is realized not only as the temperature varies but also in response to external stress.


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  • V. K. Orlov
  • V. M. Teplinskaya

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