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Testing with growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF(1–29)NH2) and somatomedin C measurements for the evaluation of growth hormone deficiency

  • M. B. Ranke
  • M. Gruhler
  • R. Rosskamp
  • G. Brügmann
  • A. Attanasio
  • W. F. Blum
  • J. R. Bierich
Original Investigations


Growth hormone (GH) responses to GRF (1 μg/kg BW i.v.) were investigated. Comparison between GRF(1–40) and GRF(1–29)NH2 in 11 young adult volunteers gave identical results. One hundred and thirty-one children and adolescents (45 with idiopathic GHD) were tested with GRF (1–29)NH2. The maximal GH levels (max GH) in response to GRF during the 120 min test period were found suitable to characterize the response. In cases without GHD no correlation to age, sex and pubertal development was observed. A maximal GH level of above 10 ng/ml was found to be normal. In 3 out of 86 children without GHD (one with Turner syndrome; two with simple obesity) max GH fell short of 10 ng/ml, while 11 of 45 cases with GHD exceeded this margin. In GHD, max GH was inversely correlated with age. There was no difference in max GH between groups with or without perinatal pathology as a presumed cause of GHD. GH levels to GRF were positively correlated with maximal GH level during sleep in GHD, but not correlated with responses seen to insulin or arginine. The value of GRF testing for the confirmation of GHD is discussed in the light of other GH stimulatory tests and basal somatomedin C measurements. It is suggested that the combination of testing with GRF and the determination of a basal SmC level offers a safe and convenient way to diagnose GHD in clinically suspected cases, though in some cases further diagnostic tests may be needed.

Key words

GRF Growth hormone deficiency Somatomedin C 



growth hormone


growth hormone releasing factor




somatomedin C


standard deviation score =\(\frac{{x - \bar x}}{{SD_{\bar x} }}\)


chronological age


bone age


growth hormone deficiency


constitutional delay of growth and adolescence


isolated growth hormone deficiency


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  • M. Gruhler
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  • R. Rosskamp
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  • G. Brügmann
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  • A. Attanasio
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