Hydrotechnical Construction

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Research for the Ust'-Ilim hydroelectric station

  • N. S. Rozanov
  • S. Ya. Éidel'man
  • M. F. Skladnev
At Target Construction Projects


The research for the Ust'-Ilim station included problems of significance for rationalizing the design and methods of constructing the dam to achieve a noticeable economy. Some of these problems were posed for the first time during construction and operation of dams built earlier.

Full-scale observations on the dam will give an objective evaluation of the state of the structure and will test the results of the theoretical and experimental investigations. It can be assumed that a comparison of the data from these observations with the results of earlier investigations on Siberian dams will permit introducing corrections into our concepts of the behavior of high concrete dams under rigorous climatic conditions and constructing dams of a more rational and economic design.


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  • N. S. Rozanov
  • S. Ya. Éidel'man
  • M. F. Skladnev

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