Fibre Chemistry

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Effect of sodium chloride on rheological properties and cross-linking in melts of polymer blends

  • I. A. Tsebrenko
  • V. A. Pakharenko
Chemistry and Technology of Chemical Fibres


The rheological properties and cross-linking processes in melts of PP-CPA and POM-CPA blends containing 0.5, 1, and 2% NaCl of the weight of the polymer from the disperse phase were investigated. It was shown that the viscosity decreases and the elasticity of a melt of the blends increases in the presence of 0.5% salt due to improvement of fibre formation of the polymer in the disperse phase. The salt additives affect the temperature and heat of phase transitions of the components of the blends and have a stabilizing effect on liquid jets of PP or POM in a CPA matrix. Destructive wave perturbation is damped on NaCl crystals and acceleration of crystallization processes promotes solidification and rapid conversion of liquid jets into microfibres. Filter materials ensuring a purification fineness of 0.45 μm were fabricated from PP-CPA-0.5% NaCl and POM-CPA-0.5% NaCl blends.


Disperse Phase Rheological Property Sodium Chloride Crystallization Process Polymer Blend 
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  • I. A. Tsebrenko
  • V. A. Pakharenko

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