Recent advances in electro-optic devices, components and system for microwave and millimetre-wave applications

  • Yat Man Choi


Basic characteristics, performances and designs of integrated optic devices and components for use in microwave and millimetre-wave applications and various techniques for the microwave control of optical devices are reviewed. In particular, methods of improving their performances and/or limitations of such devices and components are discussed. The prospects for these new technologies including recommendations for future work which are relevant to microwave and millimetre-wave systems are identified. This paper will include the following:

  • •Semiconductor Laser Diode Sources

  • •Photodetectors

  • •Direct Current Modulation of Laser Diodes

  • •Externally Modulated Fibre-Optic Link

  • •Applications of Fibre-Optic Links and Fibre Loop Memory

  • •Delay Line Signal Processing


Microwave Signal Processing Laser Diode Direct Current Basic Characteristic 


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  • Yat Man Choi
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  1. 1.Department of Electronic EngineeringCity University of Hong KongHong Kong

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