Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 7–9 | Cite as

Determination of uronic acids in natural materials by the decarboxylation method

  • L. I. Glebko
  • G. Ya. Il'chenko
  • L. P. Kosheleva


A preferred variant of the decarboxylation method for the determination of uronic acids is proposed which uses 57% hydriodic acid and the direct nonaqueous titration of the CO2 formed. The range of concentrations of uronic acids that can be determined is from 2 to 100 µM. The sensitivity of the method is 1.5 µM, its reproducibility 0.6%, and the time of one determination 40–50 min. The proposed variant of the method is applicable to the study of various polysaccharides and other carbohy drate-containing biopolymers.


Pectin Uronic Acid Galacturonic Acid Monoethanolamine Decarboxylation Reaction 


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  • L. I. Glebko
  • G. Ya. Il'chenko
  • L. P. Kosheleva

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