Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 462–465 | Cite as

Conformational states of quaternary salts of pachycarpine and aphylline

  • A. I. Ishbaev
  • A. N. Nizamkhodzhaeva
  • Kh. T. Il'yasova


The interactions of pachycarpine and aphylline with some alkyl halides have been studied. On the basis of chemical reactions and of PMR, IR, and mass spectrometry it has been established that the main products of the reaction of pachycarpine with methylene iodide and chloride have the A/B-trans and C/D-cis configuration with methano bridges between N1 and N16. It has been found with the aid of PMR and IR spectra that pachycarpine and aphylline methiodides have the ring configuration A/B-trans and C/D-cis.


Conformational State Methyl Iodide Alkyl Halide Sparteine Quaternary Salt 


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  • A. I. Ishbaev
  • A. N. Nizamkhodzhaeva
  • Kh. T. Il'yasova

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