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Cities and the future of agriculture and food security: a policy and programmatic roundtable

  • Peter RichardsEmail author
  • Tom Reardon
  • David Tschirley
  • Thom Jayne
  • Jim Oehmke
  • David Atwood
Conference Report

In 2010 the United States government launched its Feed the Future Initiative to address global hunger and food insecurity. The initiative was designed to reduce poverty through agriculturally-led economic growth in developing countries, under the development hypothesis that higher incomes for the poor would lead to improved food security. USAID is now assessing the successes and challenges of this initiative, the changing demographic and economic landscapes in which it is operating, and the implications of these changes for agriculture and food security development programming. As part of this process, the Bureau for Food Security at USAID commissioned a series of expert level, technical roundtables. The first of these roundtables, Cities and the Future of Agriculture and Food Security, was held in Washington D.C. on March 30th, 2016.

The Cities and the Future of Agriculture and Food Securityroundtable was inspired by recent and projected population shifts in urban areas in lower...


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