Obtaining Multi-Component Pellets from Finely Dispersed Chromium Concentrates, Refined Ferrochrome Slags and Diatomite Raw Materials of Kazakhstan

  • I. V. BondarenkoEmail author
  • E. A. Tastanov

High-strength multi-component chrome pellets with specified physical and chemical characteristics were obtained for smelting chromium ferroalloys in the electric arc furnaces by mixing finely dispersed chromium concentrates, refined ferrochrome slags, and ferriferous diatomite ore with subsequent pelletization and sintering of the composition at 1050–1200 °С. The process of roasting pellets containing carbon component includes pre-reduction of iron and chromium oxides at lower temperatures yielding high-carbon ferrochrome beads. The process can be implemented by using conventional equipment and does not require high capital investments.


chromium concentrates lumping refined ferrochrome slag diatomite ores multi-component pellets strength pre-reduction 


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  1. 1.JSC “Institute of Metallurgy and Beneficiation”AlmatyRepublic of Kazakhstan

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