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Some qualitative results for a modification of the Green–Lindsay thermoelasticity

  • R. QuintanillaEmail author
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In this short note we consider a recent modification of the Green–Lindsay thermoelastic theory proposed at Yu et al. (Meccanica 53:2543–2554, 2018). We consider a functional defined on the solutions of the problem. It allows us to obtain the continuous dependence of the solutions with respect to the initial conditions and to the supply terms, the time exponential decay of solutions and an alternative of Phragmén–Lindelöf type for the spatial behaviour.


Modified Green–Lindsay thermoelasticity Continuous dependence Uniqueness Exponential decay Spatial behaviour 



The investigation reported in this paper is supported by the project project “Análisis Matemático de Problemas de la Termomecánica” (MTM2016-74934-P)(AEI/FEDER, UE) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The author thanks to the anonymous referee his useful suggestions concerning this submission.

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  1. 1.Department of Matemàtiques, ESEIAATUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaBarcelonaSpain

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