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Drying kinetics of onion (Allium cepa L.) slices with convective and microwave drying

  • Engin Demiray
  • Anıl Seker
  • Yahya Tulek


Onion slices were dried using two different drying techniques, convective and microwave drying. Convective drying treatments were carried out at different temperatures (50, 60 and 70 °C). Three different microwave output powers 328, 447 and 557 W were used in microwave drying. In convective drying, effective moisture diffusivity was estimated to be between 3.49 × 10−8 and 9.44 × 10−8 m2 s−1 within the temperature range studied. The effect of temperature on the diffusivity was described by the Arrhenius equation with an activation energy of 45.60 kJ mol−1. At increasing microwave power values, the effective moisture diffusivity values ranged from 2.59 × 10−7 and 5.08 × 10−8 m2 s−1. The activation energy for microwave drying of samples was calculated using an exponential expression based on Arrhenius equation. Among of the models proposed, Page’s model gave a better fit for all drying conditions used.


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List of symbols

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Constants of models


Effective diffusivity (m2 s−1)


Pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation (m2 s−1)


Activation energy (kJ mol−1 or Wg−1)


Rate constants in models (min−1)


Pre-exponential constant (min−1)


Thickness of the slab (m)


Raw of weight of sample (g)


Moisture content (kg water/kg dry matter)


Equilibrium moisture content (kg water/kg dry matter)


Initial moisture content (kg water/kg dry matter)


Moisture ratio


Number of observations


Microwave output power (W)


Determination coefficient


Root mean square error


Temperature (°C)


Drying time (min)


Reduced Chi square


Number of constants in models


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  1. 1.Department of Food EngineeringPamukkale UniversityDenizliTurkey

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