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Extended thermodynamics, effective elastic coefficients and electromagnetoelastic waves in superconducting layer


The paper deals with the analysis of an influence of the thermal field and its relaxation properties on the compressional and flexural magnetoelastic waves propagation in a vibrating superconducting layer. The investigations have been confined only to the vortex elastic field in the type-II superconductor. The description is based on the extended thermodynamical model of interactions. Contrary to the existing dynamical descriptions of electromagnetothermoelastic interactions in solids and/or in the magnetic vortex field of elastic character in the type-II superconductor, the influence of the thermal field on the electromagnetoelastic field (or electromagnetoelastic waves in such a medium) has been considered by the use of the effective elastic coefficients dependent on temperature and the relaxation time of the thermal field in low temperatures.


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  • Thermodynamics of superconductors
  • Magnetic vortex waves
  • Effective elasticity