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On the reconstruction of phylogenetic transformations. The origin of the arthropods

  • Manfred Grasshoff


The conditions are outlined under which the body construction of annelids could have been transformed into that of arthropods. As an adaptation to a vagile life and an uptake of food by filtering particles from the sediment, the body was more and more flattened. Thus lateral protrusions, the subsequent pleurotergites, developed, and the parapodia were shifted to a more ventral position and could differentiate into the branched limbs typical for arthropods. This is the condition under which parts of the body wall were kept immobile, so that they could become sclerotized in the form of rigid plates.


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  • Manfred Grasshoff
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  1. 1.Frankfurt am MainForschungsinstitut SenckenbergFrankfurtGermany

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