Plant Systematics and Evolution

ISSN: 0378-2697 (Print) 2199-6881 (Online)


Plant Systematics and Evolution is an international journal dedicated to publication of original papers and reviews on plant systematics in the broadest sense. The journal aims to bridge the specific subject areas in plant systematics and evolution, encompassing evolutionary, phylogenetic and biogeographical studies at the populational, specific and higher taxonomic levels. Taxonomic emphasis is on green plants.
Fields of interest: plant systematics, plant evolution, biodiversity, phytochemistry, ultrastructure, cytology, anatomy, palynology, plant development, genetics, reproductive biology, ecology, biogeography, palaeobotany, population genetics.
Plant Systematics and Evolution publishes original articles, review articles, short communications and contributions on controversial topics. The journal does not levy page charges and provides free color in print.

300 Volumes 1,617 Issues 17,143 Articles available from 1851 - 2014

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