Few-Body Systems

ISSN: 0177-7963 (Print) 1432-5411 (Online)


The journal Few-Body Systems presents original research work, both experimental and theoretical, investigating the behavior of few-body systems. These are understood as consisting of a small number of well-defined constituent structures. The focus is on the research methods, properties, and results characteristic of few-body systems. Examples of few-body problems include light nuclear systems (few-nucleon bound and scattering states), small molecules as well as light atoms (few-electron systems in external fields), specific systems in condensed matter and surface physics (quantum dots); however, also systems as large as celestial systems and as small as elementary particles.

The journal is interdisciplinary, offering research in particle, nuclear, atomic, molecular, and condensed-matter physics, as well as from astrophysics, astronomy, mathematics, and chemistry.

The journal also publishes papers in the form of letters, rapid communications, comments, and reviews or progress reports.

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