Journal of Global Policy and Governance

ISSN: 2194-7740 (Print) 2194-7759 (Online)


Globalization is proceeding rapidly, affecting every nation and individual.  Wise policy choices and political leadership are the pre-conditions to overcoming the massive transformations and changes ahead. Innovation and new individual attitudes are set to create a society where traditional values and cultural approaches will come under increasing pressure, and strategic and military capabilities will change the strategies used to confront conflicts and threats. The main challenges for the world are interrelated and call for new efforts from the scientific and applied research communities to mobilize the human capital and innovative solutions needed to face the complexities and crucial issues worldwide. In order to promote globalization processing in a positive way, the Journal of Global Policy and Governance seeks to promote better mutual understanding of transnational issues and global governance. To do so, it publishes research and applied studies on global initiatives and policies with a particular focus on Asia and the Middle East as crucial regions, in addition to transatlantic issues.  The journal was founded and is managed by the Global Policy and Governance Program, a network of interdisciplinary research centers across the world. These centers reflect the emergence of new dynamic actors aiming to develop a new basis for international relations to achieve sustainability in terms of the environment, energy, higher education, social cohesion and cultural identities.

2 Volumes 4 Issues 41 Articles available from 2013 - 2013

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