Annals of Combinatorics

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Annals of Combinatorics (AC) presents outstanding contributions to combinatorial mathematics in all its respects. It highlights new developments in the field that have yet to be given proper recognition, but show promise of eventual mathematical breakthroughs. Coverage in the journal ranges from problems and theories that have arisen, or will arise, in applications to computer science, biology, statistics, probability, physics and chemistry, as well as over work of a combinatorial nature in representation theory, number theory topology, algebraic geometry and the theory of special functions. Annals of Combinatorics also publishes research announcements, book reviews, as well as revealing and inspiring expositions.Bibliographic Data
Ann. Comb.
First published in 1997
1 volume per year, 4 issues per volume
approx. 500 pages per volume
Format: 15.5 x 23.5 cm
ISSN 0218-0006 (print)
ISSN 0219-3094 (electronic)AMS Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ): 0.40 (2011)

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