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Neurotherapeutics® is the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (ASENT). Each issue provides critical reviews of an important topic relating to the treatment of neurological disorders, written by international authorities.  The Journal also includes original research articles in translational neuroscience including descriptions of cutting edge therapies that cross disciplinary lines and represent important contributions to neurotherapeutics for medical practitioners and other researchers in the field. Neurotherapeutics ® delivers a multidisciplinary perspective on the frontiers of translational neuroscience, provides perspectives on current research and practice, and covers social and ethical as well as scientific issues. Future Issue ThemesJanuary 2013 - Multiple Sclerosis
Guest Editor: Rohit Bakshi (BWH/Harvard)April 2013 - Mitochondrial Mechanisms in Neurologic Disease
Guest Editor: Andrea Gropman (Children’s National Medical Center) July 2013 - Protein Misfolding Diseases
Guest Editor: Marc Diamond (Washington University of St. Louis) October 2013 - Epigenetics
Guest Editors: Raj Ratan, Sama Sleiman, and Manuela Basso (Burke/Cornell Medical Research Institute)

January 2014 - Movement Disorders
Guest Editors: Joseph Jankovic (Baylor College of Medicine) and Stewart Factor (Emory University)April 2014 - Epilepsy Therapeutics
Guest Editors: Lara Jehi (Cleveland Clinic) and Annamaria Vezzani (Mario Negri, Italy)July 2014 - Nonpharmacologic Therapies
Guest Editors: Andres Lozano (Toronto Western Research Institute) and Brian Koppel (Mount Sinai)October 2014 - Neurogenetics and Therapies
Guest Editor: William Dauer (University of Michigan)

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Prior to 2007 this journal was published as NeuroRx.