Annals of Microbiology

ISSN: 1590-4261 (Print) 1869-2044 (Online)


The aim of this journal is the advancement and dissemination of information describing all aspects of microbiology:

+ general,
+ environmental (water, soil, cultural heritage sites),
+ ecological,
+ applied (food, industrial)


+ biochemistry,
+ molecular biology,
+ physiology,
+ biotechnology,
+ taxonomy.

The range of coverage is expansive, extending to bacteria, fungi, microalgae, and bacteriophages.

Annals of Microbiology publishes Review Articles, Original Articles, Short Communications, Conference Reports, and Editorials.
Microbiological topics applied to clinical and phyto-pathological fields are not included in the aims of this journal.

Founded in 1940 as Annali Di Microbiologia Ed Enzimologia, Annals of Microbiology is an official journal of the University of Milan.

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