Journal of Biorheology

ISSN: 1867-0466 (Print) 1867-0474 (Online)


This official journal of the Japanese Society of Biorheology covers the science and application of the deformation and flow properties of biological materials, including food materials. It examines the dynamics of physiological processes at all levels of organization, from organs to the molecular level. The Journal of Biorheology contains original articles, brief communications, and review articles covering the basic science and its applications in the broad field of biorheology: the rheology of macromolecules, cell rheology, tissue and organ rheology, and food rheology. Coverage also includes biorheological analysis of pathological processes and their clinical implications, including basic clinical research on hemodynamics and hemorheology as well as translational clinical studies and scientific research between the fields of engineering and medicine.

5 Volumes 7 Issues 53 Articles available from 2009 - 2013

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