Virologica Sinica

ISSN: 1674-0769 (Print) 1995-820X (Online)


Virologica Sinica is an international journal which aims at presenting the cutting-edge basic and applied research on viruses all over the world. The journal publishes peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews, which encompass the latest developments in all branches of virology, including research on viruses of animals, plants and microbes. The journal also welcomes studies on viral infections and diseases, and features articles on virus discovery, viral pathogenesis, virus-host interactions, vaccine developments, and antiviral agents and therapies. Virologica Sinica will serve as a platform for virologists, immunologists and other researchers to exchange academic information and ideas on viruses.


The journal specifically encourages reports on virus structure and assembly, viral genome replication and gene expression, viral genetic diversity and evolution, virus-host interactions, cellular responses to viral infection, viral pathogenesis and immunity, transformation and oncogenesis, as well as new methods and techniques developed in viral research. The approaches and techniques used are expected to encompass those of many disciplines, including molecular genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, cell biology, immunology, and morphology. Submission of papers describing gene delivery, antiviral agents and immunotherapies in the control and prevention of viral infections, diagnostics, including high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics and the discovery of new viruses are also encouraged. 


The editorial board is composed of virologists from a broad range of research fields worldwide to maintain the high standard of excellence for the journal. All submissions are handled electronically, via ScholarOne online submission and review system. 

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