Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling

ISSN: 1873-9601 (Print) 1873-961X (Online)


The official journal of the International CCN Society, provides a forum for translational research.  In particular, it publishes papers discussing cell-cell and cell-matrix communication as well as intracellular signaling that are particularly important to understanding how cellular behavior is converted to pathological states. As well as primary research articles, JCCS also encourages the submission of commentaries discussing recent publications, key developments and controversies. 

Bits & Bytes
the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling provides a forum for the quick distribution of short commentaries on recent publications and news that is of interest to the scientific community. These items are collectively called Bits & Bytes, and can be found on the journal website and also through the website of the International CCN Society ( The last Bits & Bytes that have recently been published are:    'CCN6: a novel method of aTAKing cancer' by Andrew Leask'Flaws in the Peer-Review process: a critical look at a recent paper studying the role of CCN3 in renal cell carcinoma' by Bernard Perbal 'CCN3 : The-pain-killer inside me' by Bernard Perbal 'CCN3: a novel anti-fibrotic treatment in end-stage renal disease?' by Andrew Leask 'Egr-ly awaiting a “personalized medicine” approach to treat scleroderma' by Andrew Leask 'MEK/ERK inhibitors: proof-of-concept studies in lung fibrosis' by Andrew Leask Recent Journal citation rates:2011 Unofficial 'Impact Factor': 3.420 - 69 ('09 and '10), citable items attracted 236 citations (in '11)
2011 Manuscript Downloads: 52.747 JCCS manuscripts were downloaded in 2011 2010 Unofficial 'Impact Factor': 2.360 - 50 ('08 and '09) citable items attracted 118 citations (in '10)
2010 Manuscript Downloads: 41.120 JCCS manuscripts were downloaded in 2010General Details on the Submission and Publicacion Procedures:- No Page Charges
- No Fees for Online and Print Color Images
- Optional Open Access Publication Fee (APC) – USD 3000,- / Euro 2200,-

8 Volumes 26 Issues 242 Articles available from 2007 - 2014

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