Current Sexual Health Reports

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The aim of this journal is to provide the reader, in a systematic manner, the views of experts on current advances in the sexual health field in a clear and readable form, by publishing reviews that highlight the most important recent papers from a wealth of original publications. The primary strength of this journal and what makes it unique is its multidisciplinary perspective, which emphasizes a biopsychosocial cultural understanding of sexual health.

We accomplish our goal by appointing authorities in major subject areas across the discipline (eg, leading urologists, sex therapists, endocrinologists, and surgeons) to select topics for review by leading experts, emphasizing recent developments and highlighting important papers recently published on their topics.

  • 7 Volumes
  • 23 Issues
  • 197 Articles
  • 3 Open Access
  • 2004 - 2015 Available between

Latest Articles

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    Variations in Orientation, Identity, Addiction, and Compulsion (E Coleman, Section Editor)

    Topic Topical Collection on Variations in Orientation, Identity, Addiction, and Compulsion

    Gender and Sexual Legitimacy

    Alex Iantaffi (March 2015)

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    Medical Comorbidities (AT Goldstein, M Miner and SJ Parish, Section Editors)

    Topic Topical Collection on Medical Comorbidities

    The Relationship between Systemic Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

    Raul I. Clavijo, Jacob Rajfer (March 2015)

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    Current Controversies (P Kleinplatz and C Moser, Section Editors)

    Topic Topical Collection on Current Controversies

    Female Ejaculation, G Spot, A Spot, and Should We Be Looking for Spots?

    Beverly Whipple (March 2015)