A Journal on the Theory of Ordered Sets and its Applications

ISSN: 0167-8094 (Print) 1572-9273 (Online)


This journal presents original research concerning the theory and applications of ordered sets. It covers all theoretical aspects of the subject, with emphasis on research in algebra and lattice theory, combinatorics and set systems, directed and undirected graphs, computational and discrete geometry, theoretical computer science, and the theory of sets and relational structures.

In addition, Order presents applications of order-theoretic methods in these mathematical areas and in more algorithmically oriented research in computing and operations research. It offers coverage that is broadly representative of the best research on ordered structures and their applications. Given the wide scope of the journal, prospective authors are asked to identify a member [or members] of the editorial board whose research interests are closest to the contents of the submission. This helps to ensure both that submissions fit the journal's scope and that the review process begins efficiently.

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