Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

ISSN: 0165-005X (Print) 1573-076X (Online)


Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry is an international and interdisciplinary forum for the publication of work in the fields of medical and psychiatric anthropology, cross-cultural psychiatry, and associated cross-societal and clinical epidemiological studies. The journal offers original research, and theoretical papers based on original research, across the full range of these fields. Contents include clinically relevant interdisciplinary work which bridges anthropological and medical perspectives and methods, along with research on the cultural context of normative and deviant behavior, including the anthropological, epidemiological and clinical aspects of the subject.
Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry fosters systematic, wide-ranging examinations of the significance of culture in health care, including comparisons of how the concept of culture operates in anthropological and medical disciplines.

2-Year Impact Factor: 1.121 (2013)
5-Year Impact Factor: 1.562 (2013)

Subject Category "Anthropology": Rank 28 out of 81
Subject Category "Social Sciences, Biomedical": Rank 21 out of 37
Subject Category "Psychiatry": Rank 84 out of 124

SCImago Journal and Country Rank (SJR) 2013.


Art and Humanities (Misc) 101 out of 439

Health (Social Science) 33 out of 222

Psychiatry and Mental Health 148 out of 490

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